Recruiting Mavericks on Handshake

Guidelines for posting off-campus, on-campus, and seasonal part-time positions.


Handshake is the service the Career Development Center uses to connect students and employers. Students can use it to search for job and internship opportunities, learn about and register for upcoming events and workshops, and schedule appointments with a career counselor. Students can also make their profile public to the employers in the Handshake system, so that you can identify potential candidates and contact them directly to invite them to interview for your open positions. Get started by logging in! For more information about the Handshake platform or to get support, check out Handshake's help center.

Getting Started with Handshake

Links and videos to set up your Handshake account

Part-time Positions

More infomation about posting on and off campus jobs

  • You may post OFF-CAMPUS and ON-CAMPUS part-time jobs for free on Handshake. These jobs are geared toward current students and can be posted by you after you registered with Handshake.
  • ON-CAMPUS jobs are those posted by University-related employees for positions at MSU Mankato.
  • Any positions posted for businesses surrounding the campus are considered OFF-CAMPUS.
  • You can register as an employer by completing the Handshake registration information. You only need to register once.

Job Posting Tips

The following are some tips and suggestions for effective job posting.

    • If selecting screening criteria for an opening, be careful when selecting those criteria.  An example of a common mistake we see is selecting "graduate student" instead of "alumni" - "graduate student" does NOT equal "graduated student".  Another is not selecting all of the applicable majors - for instance, Minnesota State University, Mankato has several IT-related majors, but these are not necessarily named similarly or grouped altogether in the list of available majors - be sure to select carefully!
    • Be descriptive!  Provide as complete a description of the opening's duties and responsibilities as possible, so that students/alumni are aware up front of everything the job entails.  Some students/alumni may apply for a job that is short on details, but others may choose to pass it up and instead spend their time investigating and applying to other jobs with more details.
    • Make sure you have listed the correct instructions/contact information for students/alumni to apply for the position.
    • Spelling counts!  Misspellings may cause a student/alumni to wonder if this is a legitimate job opportunity or a potential scam. 

Handshake FAQ

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