Internship and Co-op Information

At Minnesota State University, Mankato, the internship function is decentralized, meaning that each academic degree program has a faculty internship coordinator. Programs vary widely in the structure and specifics surrounding requirements, credits, contracts, activities, and assistance provided to students and employers related to internships.

The role of the Career Development Center (CDC) regarding internships is to serve as a centralized contact for employers of all industries, a hub for the posting and application process for internship opportunities for students of all majors, and a source of assistance for students seeking internships.  All internships are posted directly by the employer into the University’s Handshake Career Management System at no charge. Handshake also allows employers to collect applications, search student resumes, communicate directly with students and arrange interviews.

Role of Career Development Center with Internships

  • For employers:

    • Serve as a centralized connecting point for employers of all industries interested in hiring interns from Minnesota State University, Mankato.
    • Act as an initial contact and referral source for employers looking to establish an internship program with Minnesota State, Mankato.
    • Provision of a centralized tool for communication of internship opportunities to students of all majors through the Handshake Career Management System. Includes no-cost posting of available internships and tools for facilitating the application and interviewing process.
    • Maintain and update campus-wide listings of academic departmental internship coordinators.
  • For students:

    • Assist students of all majors seeking an internship. Includes resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile reviews, interview skills coaching, on-campus internship interviews with selected employers, and strategies for identifying internship opportunities.     
    • Connect students to the appropriate academic program internship coordinator for guidance on academic requirements and establishment of internship contracts.
    • Provide internship search education, information, and resources for students of all majors.
    • Maintain a directory of prior internship sites by college and program.

What is an Internship/Co-op

Benefits to Employers

Setting up an Internship/Co-op

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