How the Career Development Center can help

The Career Development Center (CDC) has different roles in regard to internship or co-op experiences.


The CDC can assist employers with starting the internship/co-op process by providing information and assistance with:

  • Developing a program
  • Creating position descriptions
  • Connecting with students
  • Involving faculty
  • Posting positions
  • Interviewing candidates

Employers who would like assistance with, or have questions about, starting an internship/co-op program can contact the Career Development Center at


The CDC assists students with identifying internship/co-op opportunities.  Our primary role is to help students:

  • Understand the importance of internships/co-ops
  • Learn how to make connections and network
  • Build relationships with employers
  • Gain experience in their academic fields of interest through hands-on experience
  • Market themselves to potential employers
  • Develop well-written application materials
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Appropriately follow-up to maintain relationships


The CDC works with faculty and staff to inform them of potential internship/co-op opportunities that may be of interest to their students. Our primary outlet for this is being connected to the Internship Coordinators of the academic departments across campus. In addition to keeping faculty notified about postings, we also:

  • Offer accounts to faculty and staff
  • Contact employers recommended by faculty for outreach purposes
  • Present to students on the importance of internships/co-ops and the process to obtain them
  • Connect employers and faculty when employers visit campus for events and/or recruiting visits