One Stop Information

GPS One Stop

Below you will find some of the many resources offered on campus to help with your success at Minnesota State Mankato.

Academic Advising

Get additional academic advising based on your major. Contact your academic advisor for more information.

On Campus Activities

  • Recognized Student Organizations (RSO-clubs on campus): Participate in or start a club on campus to gain practical leadership experience, community involvement, and personal growth opportunities.
  • MNSU Events Calendar: Find out about all the events that are happening on campus.
  • Free Movies (with MavCard).
  • Campus Rec Center: Included in your students fees is a membership to the Minnesota State University Gym! Participate in intramural sports, rock climbing and general fitness & wellness.

Career Development Center

Get help writing a resume, cover letter, finding a job during school and after graduation, job interview prep and more.

Counseling Center

Get social/personal/emotional support. Many students seek out counseling services because of homesickness, relationships, text anxiety, or just to have someone to talk to.

Desire2Learn (D2L)

D2L will be your home base site for submitting assignments, checking grades and course materials, writing discussion posts and more.


Contains many of the vital services such as class registration, online bill pay, address change, degree audit reports (DARS), transcripts, etc.


Pre-load your MavCARD with money so that you don't have to carry around cash! Use your MavCARD at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Dining Services, and Vending Machines.


As part of the Student Technology Fees, every currently-enrolled student is provided $20.00 worth of complementary printing each semester (300 black and white pages). Color printing is also available. This link will provide you with tips and printing locations all over campus.

Meal Plans

Do you want unlimited meals? Or maybe you prefer to bring your meals from home? Learn about the different types of meal plans and dining dollars.

Residential Life

Learn about move in dates, room assignments, room changes, room types and rates.


  • GPS one-on-one tutoring with GPS mentors
  • How to scheudle meetings with GPS Mentors

Study Abroad

Take the opportunity to study abroad during your undergraduate career.

Student Financial Services

Apply for financial aid, and learn about other types of financial aid you can recieve such as scholarships, awards, workstudy.