Workforce Diversity and Strategic Talent Management

Minnesota State will also encourage workforce and industry partners to adopt and implement worker-centered policies that support lifelong learning. These policies may include:

  • Stable week-to-week working schedules that allow options for flexibility to attend courses and participate in collaborative projects;
  • Allowances for childcare during both work and school hours;
  • Assisting with transportation needs;
  • Creating space in workplace environments for workers to study or attend remote courses; and
  • Providing tuition assistance and health insurance coveragefor part-time workers who are enrolled in college courses.

Minnesota State currently provides the following resources to support workforce diversity and strategic talent management:

  • Campus Climate Assessment/Employee Engagement
  • Prioritize strategic diversity, equity, and inclusion processes for hiring and retention
  • Development of culturally competent focused education and training for employees
  • Professional development for students, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees