Asian American Affairs Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

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Asian American Fitness and Wellness

This group is to help promote wellness and encourage physical, mental, emotional health! We will be implementing programs to help encourage fitness and wellness. We see that the significant amount of Asian American is struggling with obesity. In order to counter this issue, we will create awareness for better health and encourage the Asian Americans to partake in more physical activities. 

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Asian Students in America (ASIA)

ASIA is an organization set out to recruit and retain Asian students by promoting, educating, and focusing on Asian and Asian American topics or issues in America. The organization strives to expand leadership and social opportunities among members and plan events which fosters growth and community. We also want to build leaders in our community, and bring in other cultures to learn about new things! 

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Hmong Student Association

The primary purpose of Hmong Student Association is to recruit and unify student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Not only are we trying to recruit and unify, but we strive to promote awareness about the Hmong culture within HSA, the campus, and throughout the community, and to remain in contact with other multicultural communities, students, and similar organizations at other colleges and universities.

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Kinsmen: Asian American Urban Dance Crew

Urban Dance is a style of dance, community, and lifestyle revolving around choreographed pieces and performances by a dancer or group of dancers. Choreography is influenced by several different dance styles, but is ultimately based on the choreographer’s own interpretation of the music. A big part of the modern Urban Dance culture stemmed from collegiate dance teams and competition. 

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Asian Gaming Association

AGA is an organization that strives to build a community in which Asian students at Minnesota State University, Mankato can talk about all shapes and forms of games.  This organization strives to build leaders among the Asian gaming community and also form and kindle new bonds among students and social groups. 

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