Living Green in Residential Life

We take pride in doing what we can to help be as gentle on the environment as possible. Below are some ways Residential Life is working towards a greener tomorrow. 

Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS)

A large variety of recyclable material is routinely picked up by MSU Residential Life employees and processed as part of our Integrated Waste Management Systems (IWMS).  Two main types of mobile collection bins are used - one for fiber products (all paper, newspapers, cardboard), and a separate one for commingled containers (pop cans, tin cans, plastic, and glass bottles).  Recycling containers are provided in or near your residence community.

Used "Ink Jet" Computer Printer Cartridges

Used "Ink Jet" computer printer cartridges (brand names Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Lexmark) are recyclable.  Apple product recycling is not yet available.  Collection sites include the Campus Computer Store, Building Services, and the Residence Halls.  You can help recycle used "Ink Jet" computer printer cartridges by bringing them to any residence community front desk. 

Water Bottle Fillers

Water bottle fillers in the residence halls save over 20,000 plastic bottles each month.  Water bottle fillers are located in the lobby of the Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska residence communities.  You can help eliminate plastic water bottle waste.  How many more can YOU save? 

Motion Activated Lights

All Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska residence community floor kitchens and lounges have been updated to include motion-activated lights.  You can also save energy by: turning off your lights when you leave your room, letting your laptop hibernate, and unplugging your chargers when not in use.

Trash Recycling

Trash in the Minnesota State University, Mankato residence communities is sorted, processed, and turned into pellets that are burned to created energy for 50,000 homes.  Less than 2% of our trash goes to a landfill!        

In-Room Recycling Containers

Through an initiative brought forward by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), each resident was provided with a carboard recycling container at the beginning of the Fall 2015 Semester. When their containers are full, residents are encouraged to take them to their floor trash room and dispose of their recycling in the large recycling containers.