WiFi & Internet

Residents can access the Internet from outlets and wireless access points in their room.

Connection Instructions

Wired Network

To get connected to the wired network in your room, you will need a compatible ethernet cable and a device with an ethernet port. Some devices without ethernet ports support ethernet adapters, in which case a supported adapter would also be needed. To connect to the wired network, plug your ethernet cable into the wired jack in your room.

Wireless Network

A high-speed wireless network is available in living units and public areas of the residence communities.

How to Connect

STEP ONE: Connect to WiFi network "MyResNet Start Here".

STEP TWO: Navigate to https://mankato.apogee.us and sign in.

  • Students sign-in format: starID@go.minnstate.edu
  • Staff sign-in format: starID@minnstate.edu

STEP THREE: Once signed in, create your ResNet account. Then, set your WiFi password.

  • Select "Go to My WiFi password".
  • Change the WiFi password to something you will remember.
  • Note for devices using a wired connection (Ethernet): your device's MAC address must be added manually to your device list in the portal. For help finding your MAC address, click "Support" in the portal and review the "MAC Addresses" section.

STEP FOUR: Connect to network.

  • Use your WiFi password to sign in to MyResNet 5G or 2G.
  • MyResNet-5G: Faster and more stable.
  • MyResNet-2G: For devices that are not able to use MyResNet-5G.

STEP FIVE: Forget the network "MyResNet Start Here".

24/7 Support

CALL: 833-548-4743


EMAIL: support@myresnet.com