Dedications and Memorials

All around the Minnesota State Mankato campus there are trees, benches, gardens and plazas dedicated to, or in the memory of someone who has had a profound presence here. We honor their spirit and commitment to Minnesota State Mankato.

Outdoor Dedications Map (PDF)


Plaque Location Description # on Map Object
Wilson campus school dimensional sign Wilson campus school from the front Wilson Campus School was built in 1959 as a K-12 laboratory school on the "new" upper campus of Minnesota State Mankato. Until 1968, Wilson was a traditional school, when it became a public non-traditional school, operating on a 12-month schedule. There were no required classes or report cards, variable schedules, individual programs, and multi-age activities. It received national recognition for its unique concepts. In 1974, the Minnesota Legislature decided to close all laboratory schools on all college campuses, however Wilson was spared. Then in 1974, when the lower and upper campuses consolidated, the Minnesota Legislature recommended Wilson be closed, and the building be put to use for the University. 1 Tree
Shurson Gardens dimensional sign Shurson gardens little garden Shurson Gardens - Dedicated in memory of Judy Shurson, long time administrative assistant for Printing Services. 2 Gardens
Jane Rush Gathering Place dimensional sign Jane Rush gathering place Jane Rush Gathering Place - Dedicated October 12, 2001 - In honor of Jane L. Rush (1945-1999) and her many contributions to students and campus life during the presidency of Richard R. Rush. 3 Place
Hickorytech employees dimensional bench sign Hichorytech employees bench Dedicated to HickoryTech Employees, many of whom are Minnesota State Mankato alumni. 4 Bench
Dr. Theodore "TED" Nydahl dimensional sign Dr. Theodore "TED" Nydahl bench Dedicated to Dr. Theodore L. Nydahl, whose career began in 1928 at Mankato Teacher's College. He chaired the Social Studies Dvision on "lower campus", then taught in Armstrong Hall from 1957 on. He became the first dean of Minnesota State Mankato College of Arts and Science, retiring in 1971. 5 Bench
Mankato Area Foundation dimensional  sign Mankato Area Foundation Bench In honor of Mankato Area Foundation, an organization dedicated to building a community of individuals who believe in the strength of giving. 6 Bench
In memory of Johanna Weblemoe dimensional sign In memory of Johanna Weblemoe bench A beautiful park bench is dedicated in memory of Johnanna Weblemoe, whose affiliation with the University goes back to the early days of Mankato Teacher's College. 7 Bench
In the memory of Devina Anderson Tree Devina Anderson Memorial tree's view from a far This tree planted in memory of Devina Anderson, an Minnesota State Mankato law enforcement alum who was heavily involved in Science and Engineering Fairs in high school, receiving many awards, including a Grand Slam award for four consecutive years at the International Science and Engineering Fair. 8 Tree
Marso Schimtz Plaza dimensional sign Marso Scmitz plaza Marso-Schmitz Plaza - Dedicated October 12, 2001 - In memory of Leo and Mary (Anderly) Marso '34 - Given by their daughter, former Minnesota State Mankato Foundation president, Mary Marso-Schmitz '68 and friends. 9 Plaza
E.Dale Peterson dimensional sign E.Dale Peterson Memorial Tree This tree planted in memory of E. Dale Peterson - Professor of Economics, 1959 - 1992. His caring and compassionate nature won the hearts of many faculty, staff and students. 10 Tree
Duane C. Orr dimensional sign In the honour of Duane C. Orr tree In Honor of Duane C. Orr, Ed.D, Dean, College of Education, for his service to the TRIO Programs, Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support Services from 1978 to 1993. 11 Tree
The alumni dimesional sign The alumni plaza The Alumni Plaza Dedicated July 10, 1993, the Alumni Plaza is a gift to Minnesota State University, Mankato from alumni and friends. The plaza is designed as a campus gathering place and focal point for recognizing those alumni and friends whose names are inscribed in the plaza bricks. The Plaza Arch, from the former valley (lower) campus, is the oldest architectural tie with the University's past. The bricks in the tower represent the present. The class cap at the top of the tower represents our reach into the future. This plaque is a gift from Minnesota State Mankato Emeriti Faculty Family 12 Plaza
Amos Owen dimensional sign Amos Owen Tree Amos Owen, a member of the Prairie Island Indian Community, was a Dakota elder, pipe carrier, and spiritual leader. A WW II veteran, Owen was severely wounded in battle while serving with the US Army in the Philippines. He returned to the US and studied traditional Native American beliefs from Sioux medicine men. He dedicated his life to preserving the Dakota language and culture. 13 Tree
Pamela Byers Kearney Pamela Byers Kearney memorial tree Pamela Byers Kearney, long time Mankato community volunteer leader and Minnesota State Mankato alum ('67), received the Harold J. Fitterer Distinguished Alumni Service Award in memorium in 2005. She was instrumental in starting Bridge Elementary School in Mankato, and was passionately involved with VINE, Educare, the Mankato Area Foundation, the Mankato Symphony Orchestera, and the Wynn and Pamela Kearney Family Foundation. Shortly before her death in 2004, she established the Pamela Byers Kearney Presidential Scholarship Endowment Fund to provide a talented student with full tuition at Minnesota State Mankato. Her philanthropic generosity lives on to this day. 14 Tree
Minnesota State University fiftieth anniversary dimensional sign The park bench donated by the Minnesota State Mankato Faculty Wives in celebration of their 50th anniversary with the Bell Tower and Arch in the background This park bench was donated to Minnesota State University, Mankato by the Minnesota State Mankato Faculty Wives in celebration of their 50th anniversary - 1935-1985. 15 Bench
Pan African Conference dimensional sign The tree dedicated to the Pan African Conference Dr. Michael Fagin founded the Pan African Conference in 1977. Its primary goal is to build student leadership and to provide an opportunity for academic scholars, students, professionals and community members to discuss the issues affecting African people on a local, national and international level. 16 Tree
Ione Howe Louk dimensional sign Ione Howe Louk tree While pursuing her education at Minnesota State Mankato as a non-traditional student, Ione Howe-Louk contributed invaluable energy and expertise in the task of formulating the Women’s Studies major, and her grassroots work led to the creation of the Women’s Center on campus. She earned a Master's degree in Continuing Ed in 1983, at the age of 71. The Ione Howe-Louk scholarship is awarded to a deserving student each year. She was involved in many organizations including the League of Women Voters, of which she held the office of State President for two years, PTA, the United Fund, and Girl Scouts. She worked with her church as a librarian, communion coordinator, and with Sunday school. 17 Tree
Tim Smith dimensional sign Tim Smith garden This garden honors the memory of Tim Smith, a reference librarian and assistant professor who worked at Minnesota State Mankato from 1987-99. Tim is fondly remembered by family, friends and colleagues for his caring attitude, his kindness, and his respect for evereyone he met. 18 Garden
Jerome W. Berger dimensional sign Jerome W. Berger memorial waves sculpture Waves - In memory of Jerome W. Berger, Class of 1969 and presented by Mrs. Doris Berger and the Centennial Student Union. Sculptor, Arnold J. Greuter. Constructed by Jones Sheet Metal Products, Mankato. 19 Sculpture
Minnesota State Mankato Law Enforcement Club dimensional signs Minnesota State Mankato Law Enforcement Club bench "Sit, rest and reflect a while." Installed May 15, 1998 by the Minnesota State Mankato Law Enforcement Club in memory and recognition of their graduates and all law enforcement officers, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 20 Bench
Johanna M. Weblemoe dimensional sign Otto Recreation Center sign Johanna M. Weblemoe was affiliated with the university from 1938-1964. A plaque in her honor is on the Otto Arena building sign. 22 Sign
Dr. Truman Wood dimensional sign Wigley Administration (CSU) sign Dr. Truman Wood taught political science at Minnesota State Mankato from 1961 - 1991. Dr. Wood established an endowment to fund scholarships to political science students. Preident Davenport said, "Dr. Wood connected the discipline of political cience to the community through his commitment to service. The service that he and Reta (his wife) have given to us not only made our community better, it nurtured future community leaders through the Wood Scholarship." 23 Sign
Carol Stallkamp sign on a plaque Carol Stallkamp devoted 34 years of service to Minnesota State Mankato, beginning in 1978 as a student loan clerk typist, and working her way through the ranks to the assistant to the president, a position she held for 11 years. She received the Outstanding Service Award for the President's Division in 2009-10, and also received a SHERO (She Helps Everyone Realize Opportunities) award. NA Plaque
Jane Rush Gathering Place dimensional sign Jane Rush gathering place A bronze plaque on the side of the limestone building sign for Wigley Administration Building honors former president Richard R. Rush and his wife, Jane Rush. During his tenure he repositioned Minnesota State Mankato as a statewide University; enhanced the learning environment, particularly through expanded national and statewide programs and faculty support; refocused attention to external fund raising resulting in more than $35 million raised, more than the cumulative total of the University's previous history. He changed the name of the university to Minnesota State University, Mankato to reflect the institution's growing mission; created a regional lobbying group of community and business leaders to advocate for southern Minnesota at the Legislature; established and expanded the Global Wireless Education Consortium; created a business/industry partnership with South Central Technical College; planned and implemented Learning Communities, First Year Experience, Maverick Hall and Freshman Orientation; instituted full-tuition Presidential Scholars program; and elevated the men's hockey program to Division I, receiving NCAA approval and admission into the Western Collegiate Hockey Association. During his tenure, the Andreas Theatre was constructed, as was the Taylor Center. 24 Sign
Chester annd Helen Carkoski dimensional sign Minnesota State University Carkoski Commons Chet Carkoski was the assistant dean of students and director of housing from 1960 - 1973 here at Minnesota State Mankato. 25 Sign
Minnesota State University Taylor Center plaque Minnesota State University Taylor Center Taylor Center was made possible through the generous support of Glen A. Taylor, 62'. Taylor grew up on a farm in Comfrey, Minnesota, and then attended Minnesota State Mankato, receiving a BS in mathematics, physics and social studies. During and after college, he worked for Carlson Craft, which he purchased in 1975. Today, Taylor Corporation emloys over 15,000 people naton-wide, and is headquartered in North Mankato. Mr. Taylor has been very generous with his support at Minnesota State Mankato. 26 Bulding
multiple companies' generosity portrayal dimennsional sign Minnesota State University Wigley Administration building This impressive planter, located on the south side of Wigley Administration Building, was made possible through the generosity of:
Bolton & Menk, Inc.
Cedar Lake Electric, Inc.
Inspec, Inc.
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Johnson, Sheldon, Sorensen, Architects
LS Engineers, Inc.
Robert and Jean Schramski
27 Planter
the 2005 Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Competition team plaque the 2005 Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Competition team memorial This plaque, located on the north side of Nelson Hall near the AET garages, honors the memories of the 2005 Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Competition team, Wes Loutsch, Jamie Schlachter and Chad Wilson killed in a tragic accident.

Dedicated on August 28th, 2009
28 Place
Amos Owen dimensional sign Amos Owen Tree Amos Owen was a Dakota elder and spiritual leader who wanted to preserve and restore traditional Dakota beliefs and practices. He believed that the suppression of Native American peoples had led to many parts of their culture being almost forgotten, and that this was a loss not only to Native Americans, but also to all people. This garden honors Amos' commitment to cultural and spiritual renewal, cross-cultural understanding, and Native people's contributions to world food systems. 29 Place
Department of Family Consumer Science Faculty and Alumni rock memorial Department of Family Consumer Science Faculty and Alumni Memorial Garden Department of Family Consumer Science Faculty and Alumni Memorial Garden. Dedicated May 1, 2012. 30 Rock Memorial
Korey Stringer dimensional sign Korey Stringer tree Korey Damont Stringer (May 8, 1974 – August 1, 2001) was an American college and professional football player who was an offensive tackle in the National Football League (NFL) for six seasons. He died from complications brought on by heat stroke during the Vikings' training camp in Mankato, Minnesota. This tree has been planted on campus in Stringer's honor, ensuring his legacy will live on for future generations. It is located south side of the Otto Recreation Center. 31 Tree