Competency Requirements


Students in the Honors Program will develop their skills and abilities within three competency areas:

  • Leadership: Students will utilize personal leadership values and strengths in a team environment toward a common goal. 
  • Research, Scholarly, & Creative Activity: Students will access and utilize credible information to answer research questions. Students will complete and present an undergraduate research, scholarly, or creative project as part of their competency development. 
  • Intercultural Engagement: Students will learn more about their own culture and develop an understanding of different cultural perspectives, ultimately establishing their own framework for intercultural engagement. 


In order to develop those skills and abilities, students will complete eight experiences and reflect on them in an electronic portfolio. The eight experiences will include: 

  • Two leadership experiences
  • Two research, scholarly, & creative activity experiences
  • Two intercultural engagement experiences
  • Two experiences in a competency of the student's choosing

Students work closely with an honors staff member to identify experiences within and outside of the classroom that allow for critical reflection and competency development.