Curriculum Requirements

Honors students must complete three one-credit courses during their time in college: 

HONR 201: Introduction to Honors 

This course provides an orientation to the mission, values, and core competencies of the Honors Program. Students begin developing their electronic portfolios in this course. Students will develop reflective thinking skills, specifically related to the competency areas. 

HONR 375: Portfolio Development

In this course, students will develop their portfolios based on experiences they have had since HONR 201. Throughout the course, students will critically examine their experiences in the competency areas and actively reflect on what they have learned from these experiences. 

HONR 475: Portfolio Capstone

This is the culminating course for students in the Honors Program. Students will articulate where and how they have met the competencies in a final defense of their portfolio in front of a group of faculty and staff. This course prepares students for that defense and helps students transition their portfolio into a tool they can use in their future endeavors.