Incomplete Contract

Incomplete Contract

It is important to understand the impact of an Incomplete (I) grade. See the Grading Policy outlining the requirements and restrictions related to Incomplete (I) grades prior to submitting an Incomplete Contract.

After a discussion with the instructor, a student may initiate a request for an Incomplete Contract because of a failure to meet an important requirement of the course but has in other respects done passing work for the semester. Assignment of the Incomplete (I) grade is at the discretion of the instructor.

  • A student completing an incomplete should not re-register for the same class. Incomplete grades are not intended to allow students to attend a course during a future semester without re-enrolling.
    • However, the instructor may require the student to attend the same course in a subsequent term in order to complete the "important requirements of the course that need to be completed to determine the final assigned grade."
  • Incomplete work must be completed by the date indicated in the contract. If the remaining work is not completed by the due date or the end of the next term, the incomplete (I) grade will revert to the grade of "F" or "NC."

Student Instructions

Creating New Incomplete Contract

Contract is only available for current term courses.

  1. Discuss incomplete option with instructor.
  2. Sign in to the Incomplete Contract page to initiate the contract.
  3. Select Create New.
  4. Enter all required information.
  5. Click Submit.
    • An automated notification is set to the student indicating the request has been submitted to the instructor.
  6. Wait for instructor response.
    • Once reviewed, the instructor can either approve or deny the Incomplete Contract request. An automated email will be sent once the contract is either approved or denied.

Instructor Instructions

  1. Review the Grading Policy related to Incomplete (I) grades prior to reviewing the Incomplete Contract or assigning an Incomplete (I) grade.
  2. After receiving a notification there is an Incomplete Contract waiting your review, log into the Incomplete Contract system.
  3. Review the request. And approve or deny the request.
    • If the request is approved, enter the needed information and timeframe to complete the request.
  4. A notification will be sent to the student regarding the decision.
  5. Once course work is complete or the timeframe has lapsed, use the Grade Change process to update the grade.