Registration and Academic Records assists students with all matters pertaining to their academic record. This includes transcripts, degree audit reports, grades, class registration, directory information and diplomas.


Registration is the process of enrolling in courses for a term and making adjustments (adding, dropping, withdrawing, changing grading method, etc.) to your schedule.


Find out what different grades mean, calculate your GPA, get information on Academic Forgiveness, and other grade related information.

Final Exam Schedules

Final exam schedules for Fall & Spring semesters.

Transcripts and Verifications

Transcripts and verifications are documents that can be used to verify your enrollment history and/or completion of your degree requirements.

VA Education Benefits & Certification

Minnesota State University, Mankato is approved to certify students to receive VA educational benefits for many programs.

Residency and Reciprocity - Current Students

Tuition rates are based upon your residency status. A Minnesota resident pays a certain amount for tuition, while a non-Minnesota resident pays a different amount.

Directory Information & Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their education records. Regarding FERPA, our University policy aligns itself closely with Federal, State, and system guidelines and procedures.