A student’s work in any course will be evaluated by a system of letter grades. These grades are documented on your permanent academic record. Understand the grading system, your transcript, how your grade point average is calculated, and learn about your options for improving your GPA.

Grading Information and Policy

Access information related to grading information and policy.

Checking Grades

Check your official grades in Eservices.

GPA Calculator

The term calculation of a students Grade Point Average will only courses with letter grades of A, B, C, D, (including +'s and -'s) and F are used.

Incomplete Contract

Access the Incomplete Contract and submission information.

Course Repeats

A course repeat occurs when a student retakes a course for which they have already received a grade.

Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness gives and undergraduate student a one-time opportunity to establish a new Grade Point Average (GPA) if certain conditions are met.

Dean's List

Learn more about the Dean's List.