Course Repeats

Undergraduate Course Repeats

A course repeat occurs when a student retakes a course for which they have already received a grade (including shaded grading) of A, B, C, D, P, F, NC or W and the higher grade is used in the GPA calculation. For more information on course repeats, please review the Undergraduate Repeat Policy.


Undergraduate Transfer Repeats

Courses considered direct equivalents where one course was completed at an institution other than Minnesota State Mankato, may need to complete a Repeated Course Form to notify Registration and Academic Records of the course repeat. If an undergraduate transfer repeat is identified prior to the form submission, it will be processed without the form.


Attempting to Register for a Class for a 4th Time (Appeals for a 3rd Course Repeat)

The registration system will not allow a student to register for a course for a 4th time. Students who wish to repeat any course beyond that limit must submit the Course Repeat Appeal form and required documentation for review. The Course Repeat Appeal form must be submitted at least three weeks before the course begins. For more information, please review the Undergraduate Repeat Policy.


Graduate Level Course Repeats

Graduate courses may be repeated, but credit for the course is applicable toward the degree only once. However, all grades earned for that course shall be used in calculating the grade point average. For more information, review the Graduate Scholastic Standards Policy or contact the Office of Graduate Studies.


Repeatable Courses

Some courses are allowed to be taken more than one time for credit and are not considered "repeats." Examples: Individual Studies, Topics, Internships. Check with the department where the course is offered to determine if the course is repeatable.


Financial Aid- Repeated Courses

Federal financial aid regulations limit the number of times an undergraduate student may repeat a course and receive financial aid for that course. More information about the financial aid policy for repeat courses is available on the Campus Hub website.