​Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness gives an undergraduate student a one-time opportunity to establish a new Grade Point Average (GPA).

A student may petition for academic forgiveness when one of the following conditions IS met:

  • The student was not enrolled in any Minnesota State Mankato courses for a minimum of 3 consecutive academic years prior to the point of academic forgiveness.
  • The student chose an unsuitable major which led to academic performance less than academic ability.

After one of the above requirements is met, the student must demonstrate adequate academic ability by completing a minimum of 12 semester credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0, and a grade of "C" or higher in each course.

If Academic Forgiveness is approved, the student may request to exclude all courses with the grade of F, or all courses with the grades of D and F, prior to the point of academic forgiveness.

Students must consult with their academic advisor in their college advising center/office to determine if academic forgiveness would be beneficial and to ensure all conditions are met prior to submitting this application. Veterans and Student-Athletes need additional consultation.

Initiating an application for Academic Forgiveness

The application for Academic Forgiveness is available online at https://mankato.mnsu.edu/academics/course-planning-and-registration/registration-and-academic-records/registration-forms-contacts-and-information/forms-list-links/. Scroll down to Academic Forgiveness.

Applications with required signatures should be submitted to Registration and Academic Records via https://onestop.mnsu.edu/app/registrar.  Under “Topic” choose Grade/Grade Changes.