​Academic Forgiveness

Academic Forgiveness gives an undergraduate student a one-time opportunity to establish a new Grade Point Average (GPA) if certain conditions are met. It does not remove courses from your transcript.

To review the conditions and process for Academic Forgiveness, please review the Academic Forgiveness Application.

Academic Forgiveness Process

  1. Review Academic Forgiveness Application to determine if conditions are met for Academic Forgiveness.
  2. Students must consult with their academic advisor in their college advising center/office to determine if academic forgiveness would be beneficial and to ensure all conditions are met prior to submitting this application. Veterans and Student-Athletes need additional consultation.
  3. If conditions are met, complete application.
  4. After completing the application and getting needed signatures, submit application to Registration and Academic Records via https://link.mnsu.edu/raar, choose the topic Grade/Grade Changes.

For question on Academic Forgiveness, please consult with your college advising center/office or contact Registration and Academic Records using the topic Grade/Grade Changes.