Registration Error Codes

Resolving Error Codes

Many registration issues will require you to contact the instructor of the course, your advisor and/or the department responsible for the course and request that they enter an electronic override of the edit (error) to grant you permission to register. To do this, if they choose to, they will need your name, tech ID, and the course ID.

Once they have entered the override, you will have to log into E-services and attempt register for the course. A list of degree programs can be found on our Degree Programs and Certificates page.

Error Code 6

There are several holds that will trigger this message. Contact the office responsible for the hold to see what you need to do to resolve it.‚Äč

Error Code 12: Course Requires Special Permission

In order to register for this course, you must contact the instructor to get permission to enroll. This is always required after the deadline to register and prior to submitting a registration appeal form.

Error Code 13: Requested course is full

Maximum course enrollment has been reached, so there are no seats left. Only the instructor can grant you permission to exceed the course limit.

Error Code 21: Admission Status Required for this Course

There are two reasons you might find this message:

The first reason is you must be accepted to the University. Questions on your admissions status can be resolved by contacting the Admissions office, if a degree seeking student. Non-degree seeking students should contact the Registration Help Center.

The second reason is you must be accepted as a graduate student to take 500/600 level courses. Oftentimes, 500 level courses are cross-listed with 400 level courses. Check to see if this is the case, and try enrolling in the 400 level version of the course.

Error Code 22: Time Conflict in student schedule

You have selected courses with overlapping times. Choose a different section of one of the courses to resolve this issue.

Error Code 24: Student program Required for this course

You must be accepted into your major and granted permission in order to register for 300/400 level courses. Speak to your advisor if you think you are seeing this code in error.

Error Code 25: Minimum GPA Required for this course

The course you are trying to register for requires a higher GPA than you currently have. Contact your advisor for help with this error.

Error Code 26: Exceeds maximum credits allowed for this course

Undergraduate students are only allowed to take a maximum of 18 credits per semester and graduate students are allowed to take a max of 12 credits per semester unless they have an approved course overload form.

Request course overload

Error Code 68: Student must take-pass test or satisfy course prerequisite

Some courses require you take a course or earn a satisfactory score on a test prior to registering for them. Pre-requisite information can be found in the current catalog under the course you are trying to register for.

Registration Questions

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