​Residency and Reciprocity

When you first become a Minnesota State Mankato student, the Admissions Office sets your residency status based upon the information they have. Your status usually does not change over your academic career.


If you believe that your residency status is incorrect, you can request to have it changed by filing an appeal form with Registration and Academic Records.

If you are a veteran paying non-resident tuition:

The Military and Veterans Enactments by the 2006 Minnesota Legislature directs the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State institutions to treat all U.S. military veterans as Minnesota residents for undergraduate tuition rate purposes, irrespective of their state of origin or residency.

It also directs that for graduate school tuition purposes, a veteran must be treated as a resident if the person was a resident upon entering the military and starts the graduate program within two years of completing military service.

Minnesota State Mankato requires a copy of the veteran's DD214 to process the change in rates.

Current or former veteran students, their spouses and their legal dependents are eligible for resident tuition rates under the Section 702 Choice Act. For additional information, please see MinnState Board Procedure 2.2.2.


Non-resident students will pay non-resident tuition unless reciprocity is approved by the student's home state. The student is responsible for the entire non-resident tuition until reciprocity is approved. Reciprocity is an agreement between states affecting the tuition a student pays. State agreements could have varying rates depending upon the legislatures involved. Apply early - you don't want a late fee! Reciprocity eligibility remains as long as you are actively taking courses in fall and spring terms.

  • North Dakota students must file an application with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.
  • South Dakota students do not need to apply for reciprocity.
  • Wisconsin students must file an application with the State of Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board.

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