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You can search for summer courses by logging into E-services with your StarID. If you cannot remember your StarID or need to create one, we can help you.

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Don't know what to register for: If you are a current or returning student and are not sure what summer courses you should register for, access your Degree Audit (DARS) Information and contact an Academic Advisor to help you.

Searching for general education courses by goal area: If you know what general education courses you would like to take over the summer, it is easy to search for specific goal areas.

  1. Login to E-services with your StarID
  2. Click on "Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search"
  3. Search by Goal Area

Searching for only in-person OR online courses: If you want to narrow your summer course search to courses that are offered only online, do the following:

  1. Login to E-services with your StarID
  2. Under "Delivery Method" either click on" In-Person" OR "Completely Online"