Exploring Majors

Not sure where to begin? Complete the following steps to consider your major options:

1. Gather Information

2. Make some Decisions

    • Summarize all of the information you've collected.
    • Match your summary to possible majors.
    • Weigh the benefits and costs of each possible choice.

3. Common Majors by theme 

We have created these clusters based on majors with similar values, skills, and/or career goals. Click through which paths interest you to see a list of majors and some courses we recommend to explore them.

If you are considering a computer-related major, there are many to choose from. Read each page carefully, and when in doubt, seek your advisor out.

Automotive Engineering Technology AET 102
Aviation AVIA 101
Biotechnology BIOL 105
Chemistry CHEM 104
Civil Engineering CIVE 101
Computer Engineering PSYC 206
Computer Engineering Technology EE 105
Computer Information Technology EE 105
Computer Science CIS 115/121
Construction Management CIS 115/121
Electrical Engineering EE 105
Electrical Engineering Technology EE 105
Geography GEOG 101/103
Geology GEOL 121
Health Informatics CIS 113
Management Information Systems CIS 115/121
Manufacturing Engineering Technology MET 104
Mathematics Varies (MATH 121)
Mechanical Engineering ME 101
Medical Laboratory Science BIOL 105
Physics PHYS 101
Statistics STAT 154

Note: many of these majors start with the Shared Business Curriculum, where the common core courses are the same across majors. Find out more about this here:

College of Business Major Requirements

Accounting MRKT 100
Aviation Management AVIA 101
Communication & Media COMM 100
Construction Management CM 111
Economics ECON 201/202
Finance MRKT 100
International Business MRKT 100
Management MRKT 100
Management Information Systems CIS 115/121
Marketing MRKT 100
Music Industry MUSC 113/Varies
Public Relations COMM 110
Sport Management HP 141
Statistics STAT 154
Technical Communication ENG 271W
Art History ART 260
Art Studio ART 101
Communication & Media COMM 100
Creative Writing ENG 242W
Dance DANC120W*
English - Literature ENG 275W
Film & Media Studies FILM 114
Graphic Design ART 101
Humanities HUM 282W
Media Studies COMM 110
Music Varies
Scandinavian Studies Varies
Theatre Arts THEA 100
American Indigenous Studies AIS 101
Anthropology (Cultural or Linguistic) ANTH 101
Cognitive Science PSYC 206
Communication & Media COMM 100
Ethnic Studies ETHN 100/101
French Placement Exam
Gender & Women's Studies GWS 110/220
German Placement Exam
History Varies
Humanities HUM 282W
International Relations POL 231
Media Studies COMM 110
Philosophy Varies
Philosophy, Politics, & Economics ECON 201/PHIL 120W
Psychology PSYC 101
Scandinavian Studies Varies
Social Studies Varies
Sociology SOC 101
Spanish Placement Exam

Recommendations that state "Varies" mean that major has multiple options, depending on what you need. Contact the Advising Team for that college for more information.

Agricultural Science BIOL 105
Anthropology (Physical or Archaeology) ANTH 101
Biology BIOL 105/106
Biochemistry BIOL 105
Chemistry CHEM 104
Earth Science GEOG 101
Environmental Science ENVR 101
Food Science Technology BIOL 105
Geography GEOG 101/103
Geology GEOL 121
Recreation & Parks Leadership Studies RPLS 100