At the University Advising Center, we meet with you individually to connect you with the people, information, services, and resources to help you succeed as a student and beyond. We have conversations with you about what is going right, so you can recognize and build on those strengths. Tell us where you need support and we can connect you to that support and assist as you navigate and remove barriers. We want to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams!

About University Advising Center

University Advising connects students with people, information, services, and resources they need to meet their specific goals.

Student Resources

Find student resources to help you with classes, health and wellness, financial topics, or advising for your major.

University Advising Tools

Find out how to access your Degree Audit, find your advisor of record, change your major, or find out more about access codes.

Faculty and Staff Resources

This site includes resources related to advising for faculty and staff of Minnesota State University, Mankato.