Academic Probation

What Happens When I am on Academic Probation? 

  1. You will be notified of your probation status in an e-mail from the Office of the Provost in Academic Affairs. 
  2. A registration hold is placed on your account while on academic probation. This is meant to protect you from making an uninformed decision. You will work with a University Advisor to take care of this hold. 
  3. Your Financial Aid is on "Suspension"-> You can appeal this status to try and be eligible for aid. Contact Campus Hub for details specific to your financial aid status (507) 389-1866 
  • If you are reinstated early (less than 1 year on academic suspension), you will work with University Advising to discuss your academic standing and to develop a Student Success Plan. 
    • You will receive information with the steps you need to take, and the requirements of your academic probation status during your first meeting
  • If you are coming back after a full year or more of suspension, you will work with the advising office of your major. If you are undecided, you will work with the University Advising Center. 
    • You will also work with your college advising office if you are continuing on probation because you met term/semester requirements.  
    • Find your college advising office

You are on Academic Probation because: 

  • You earned a term GPA of 2.5 and a term Completion Rate of 66.67% when you were on track to be suspended the following semester.


  • Your Application for Reinstatement from Academic Suspension was formally approved.

In order to continue on probation, you must achieve the following: 

  • Earn a term GPA of 2.5 and a term Completion Rate of 66.67% 

Transfer credits from other institutions are calculated as part of Satisfactory Academic Progress credit completion rate. Your total cumulative credit completion rate is considered in your academic standing.

Transfer credits from other institutions are not calculated as part of Satisfactory Academic Progress GPA.

However they do count toward the total number of credits attempted which determines what GPA you need to achieve. Only your local cumulative GPA (MSU GPA) is considered for your academic standing.