Academic Warning

What Happens When I am on Academic Warning

  1. You will be notified of your warning status in an e-mail from the Office of the Provost in Academic Affairs.
  2. A registration hold is placed on your account while on academic warning. This hold is meant to protect you from making an uninformed decision. You will work with a University Advising Center advisor to take care of this hold. 
  3. Your Financial Aid may also be placed in warning status. Please contact the Campus Hub at (507) 389-1866 for details on your specific financial aid status.
  4. You will need to work with the University Advising Center to discuss your academic standing and to develop a student success plan.
    • You will receive information via email from the University Advising Center team with steps you need to take, including reserving an appointment, discussing the requirements of your academic warning status.

What should I do if I am on Academic Warning? 

  1. The University Advising Center will contact you at the beginning of the semester, including the warning advisor you will be assigned to work with.
  2. You will need to attend a student success retreat. 
  3. Throughout the semester, you will meet with your warning advisor. Ideally, you will have three meetings throughout the semester, about once a month.  
    • During meeting 1 you will:
      • Go over how you feel about the semester and why you are on academic warning
      • Determine what you need to achieve for the semester to get back to good academic standing
      • Go over any other concerns or achievements you want to share
      • Fill out an individualized Student Success Plan
    • Meeting 2 will be a check-in:
      • How you are doing during the semester
      • What is going right
      • How confident you feel about the semester
      • If you have any flags or concerns indicated through MavConnect
    • Meeting 3 will be a conversation about classes
      • If you feel like you need to withdraw from courses
      • Discuss registration plans
      • During this meeting, your warning advisor will lay out the process to get your registration hold overridden, including setting up a meeting with your academic faculty advisor/college advising team
  4. Your Student Success Plan will be uploaded to your MavConnect file and emailed to you for your records.

You are warning because of the following: 

  1. Your total credit completion rate is below 66.67%
  2. Your local GPA (only including classes taken at MSU, Mankato) does not meet the following GPA stated in the table below.
    Total Attempted Credits Local GPA
    0-30  1.7
    31-59 1.85
    60+ 2.0
  3. Both 1 and 2 are true. 

Transfer credits from other institutions are calculated as part of credit completion rate requirements. Your total cumulative credit completion rate is considered in your academic standing.

Transfer credits from other institutions are not calculated as part of GPA requirements.

However transfer credits do count toward the total number of credits attempted to determine what GPA you need to achieve. Only your local cumulative GPA (Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato GPA) is considered for your academic standing.

  • Bring your cumulative Minnesota State University, Mankato GPA and credit completion rate up to good standing requirements OR
  • Earn a term/semester GPA of 2.5+ and a term/semester completion rate of 66.67%+ 

To get back to good standing, you must

  1. Maintain a credit completion rate of 66.67%
  2. Achieve a Minnesota State Univeristy GPA based on the table below:
Total number of Attempted Credits Local GPA
0-30 1.7
31-59 1.85
60+ 2.0