Academic Suspension

What Happens if Students are Suspended?

  • Students cannot attend Minnesota State Mankato for one full calendar year
    • Suspension may also affect the student's ability to take classes elsewhere. 
  • Students must apply for reinstatement to return after a full calendar year.
  • Students who had extenuating circumstances or made significant progress during their most recent semester, AND have completed a Student Success Plan with a University Advisor or their college advising office may be eligible to return earlier through the Early Reinstatement Process.
  • Financial Aid is also "SUSPENDED" -> Students can appeal this status to try and be eligible for aid. Students can contact Campus Hub for details specific to their financial aid status (507) 389-1866.

Why is My Student on Academic Suspension?

The student failed to: 

  1. Reach 66.67% Cumulative completion rate
  2. Reach a Semester GPA of
    Number of Credits Local GPA
    0-30 1.7
    31-59 1.85
    60+ 2.0
  3. Both 1 and 2 are true.