Academic Warning

What Happens if a Student is on Academic Warning? 

  • The student will be notified of their warning status in an email from the Office of the Provost in Academic Affairs
  • The student will have a registration hold on their account while on academic warning. This hold is meant to protect the student from making uninformed decisions. The student will work with an University Advisor to take care of this hold. 
  • The student's Financial Aid will be on "Warning". 
    • Contact Campus Hub for details specific to student
  • The student will need to work with University Advising 
    • They will be contacted by University Advising at the beginning of the semester via phone/email. 
    • Students will meet with University Advising multiple times during their semester on warning. 
      • University Advising provides individualized support based on students' needs 
      • The student will need to fill out a Student Success Plan with University Advising. 

Why is My Student on Academic Warning? 

  1. The student's total credit completion rate is below 66.67%
  2. The student's local GPA (Minnesota State University GPA) does not meet the following GPA stated in the table below. 
    Number of Credits Local GPA
    0-30  1.7
    31-59 1.85
    60+ 2.0
  3. Both 1 and 2 are true.