MavCONNECT serves as the University’s student success platform and is designed to bring students, faculty, advisors, success coaches, and other staff together in a coordinated and collaborative network to support students with their college academic progress and degree completion experience. Our newest version of MavCONNECT, MavCONNECT by EAB(c) Navigate, launched August 1st, 2023! Check out the resources below for more information on this transition and next implementation phases.

MavCONNECT Resources

Want to learn more about MavCONNECT and how it is used at our institution? Find role-specific resources and self-help quick guides here.

MavCONNECT News and Events

View the current professional development session offerings and get MavCONNECT system updates and alerts.

Contact MavCONNECT Leadership

MavCONNECT is managed by the Department of Student Success and a team of System Administrators. To contact the MavCONNECT system administrators, email