MavCONNECT by Navigate Implementation

In early 2023, the department of Student Success began planning a transition to a new version of our student success platform, MavCONNECT. The new platform, MavCONNECT by Navigate, is connected to Educational Advisory Board (EAB)'s Student Success Collaborative and is used at 850+ colleges and universities. This tool is live as of August 1st, 2023. 

What is MavCONNECT by Navigate?

MavCONNECT by Navigate is our University's student success platform supporting our students as they work toward academic progress and degree completion in their respective programs of study. MavCONNECT by Navigate replaces our current platform, MavCONNECT (EAB's Starfish software tool), but brings with it enhanced capabilities to support the success of students. 

Why are we switching away from MavCONNECT to MavCONNECT by Navigate?

MavCONNECT by Navigate allows us to continue to provide access to the current suite of tools the University uses within MavCONNECT. It also will allow us to further support our students through a mobile app (Navigate Student in any app store) focused on academic progress and degree completion milestones to help students thrive at Minnesota State University, Mankato. MavCONNECT by Navigate can help all students navigate their college experience successfully and offers our University a more comprehensive opportunity to increase collaboration and further coordinate our work to support student success. 

Who has access to MavCONNECT 2.0?

All students (graduate and undergraduate) have access to the system. Current staff and faculty also have general access to allow for quick searchs and easy referrals to support areas. Additional access is granted depending on employee role(s), job functions, and position responsibilities. Questions on access can be directed to the MavCONNECT administrator team at 

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