About Center for English Language Programs

The Center for English Language Programs (CELP) is a unit of Global Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Center for English Language Programs includes the Intensive English Program (IEP) which offers undergraduate and graduate students English language training in order to prepare them for academic studies in a university context. Intensive English Program students are conditionally admitted to the university and upon successful completion and after satisfying the University’s language proficiency requirement, are eligible to enroll as regular degree-seeking students. In addition to the Intensive English Program, Center for English Language Programs also offers short-term language programs based on the specific needs of sponsoring agencies and various institutional partners.

The primary objectives of Center for English Language Programs consist of the following:

  • Develop learners’ English language abilities and skills.
  • Develop learners’ academic skills necessary for university success.
  • Facilitate learners’ adjustment to the United States and to U.S educational culture.
  • Assist learners’ transition to their degree programs.
  • Provide learners with an enjoyable, comfortable, motivating, and quality educational experience.