When will my transcript arrive? 

Transcripts typically arrive two to three months after program completion. In order for transcripts to arrive at out office, it is important for students to indicate that they want their transcript to be sent to the Center for Global Engagement Office.  

If a student’s transcript has not yet arrived by registration time in November or in April, we ask that students meet with their Academic Advisor two to three weeks prior to registration and let them know. This is especially important if a student look a pre-requisite for an upcoming class while they were abroad.  

Students can check to see if their transcript has arrived by checking their Center for Global Engagement (terradotta) application or their DARs report. Students can also email an education abroad advisor at 

Grading Options  

Students have the option of having their grades come back as letter grades or as pass/no pass. All of the grades need to transfer as one or another, the options cannot be mixed. Students will indicate their choice on their Center for Global Engagement (terradotta) application in the Questionnaire section under RETURNEE. 

Please be aware that it usually takes two to threemonths minimum for education abroad/away transcripts to be mailed to us after the end of your program (for example, if your program ends in December, we most likely will not receive your transcript until the end of February, perhaps later). During this time, if you received financial aid for your abroad/away term, you will most likely receive an automated email from Student Financial Services and/or the Registrar's Office indicating they need verification that you successfully completed classes during your time abroad/away. If you receive such an email, please simply respond to them that you studied abroad/away, are still waiting for your transcript to be mailed to the Center for Education Abroad and Away, and that they can email us at for the verification of your education abroad/away participation. 

Sometimes we do not receive transcripts before the registration period has opened in November or April. If the classes you took abroad are pre-requisites for classes you need to register for in the future, you will need to meet with your Academic Advisor two to three weeks prior to your registration window to receive manual override permission to register for your necessary classes (even though the pre-requisites are not yet entered into the DARS system). It is usually not a problem to receive such permission, but it is very important that you allow your Academic Advisor enough time to enter the manual override permissions before your registration window opens. Do not simply rely on an email to get the job done. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor two to three weeks before your registration window or go to their office hours. If you cannot connect with your Academic Advisor, talk to the Administrative Assistant in the main office for your department. Sometimes they can provide manual override permissions.