Transferring Credits

Finalizing your pre-approved classes 

Before departure students will complete a Pre-Approved Class Planner. Students will receive a copy of the planner during an advising session, it can also be found on their Center for Global Engagement (TerraDotta) application.  

The class planner will be utilized once the transcript has been received and processed. On the class planner students will have indicated what they would like each classes to come back as. Each class has been pre-approved by the registrar, department chair, academic advisor and or Center for Global Engagement advisor depending on course intent.   

I took classes that were not on my Pre-Approved Class Planner, now what?  

Even though students are encouraged to have more classes then they are going to take approved, this still happens. When a student returns from their abroad or away program will complete another class planner and have the classes they took signed off on.  

If you need to complete an additional class planner please save all course information, homework, papers and syllabi. This may help if you are trying to obtain major or minor course credit.  

If a student does not complete a class planner the courses not indicated on the initial pre-approved class planner will be indicated as electives.  

So long as you filled out the Pre-Approved Class Planner, which will be a part of your Center for Global Engagement/Terra Dotta application, you should be set and your courses should transfer back as per your arrangements via this form.  

If you ended up taking courses for which you did not receive approvals before going abroad, please connect with an Education Abroad and Away Advisor to discuss the process of getting approval after your return. Please save all course information, homework, papers, and so on to show proof of the course and requirements. This may help your case if you are trying to obtain major or minor course credit for the abroad/away course.