Applied Leadership Online Degree Completion Program

Program Name: Applied Leadership Online
Type of Degree: Bachelor of Science

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Program Description

Our degree completion program allows students to use their existing credits to create an individualized plan that emphasizes communications, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Outcomes/Career Opportunities

Software developers, healthcare organizations, manufacturers and even the government all need organizational leadership skills. The public sector, the private sector, nonprofits and academia are all looking for qualified candidates with bachelor’s degrees in organizational leadership.

Job opportunities for graduates include:

  • Management Analyst ($82,450)
  • Insurance Underwriters ($69,760)
  • Project Coordinators ($67,280)
  • Sales Managers ($111,774)
  • Industrial Productions Managers ($110, 120)
  • Postsecondary Education Administrator ($89,000)

**Salary figures from Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019

Companies look for candidates who can communicate well, motivate team members, improve operational efficiency and build leadership among employees. An Applied Leadership degree can adapt to many businesses’ needs.

Program Requirements

Students must meet Minnesota State University, Mankato’s undergraduate admission requirements and have either completed Minnesota’s general education Transfer Curriculum and at least 60 credits of coursework or earned a two-year degree.


Applied Leadership recognizes that non-traditional students lead busy lives and that they need a personal approach to earning a degree. In this program, your life experience integrates into the classroom and helps us work collectively to build the next generation of community and organizational innovators. Academic advisors take a personal approach in helping each student make every credit earned count toward graduation. The faculty continue this approach through a curriculum that challenges students to reflect on their own personal strengths, experiences, and knowledge to become scholar-practitioners.

Contact Information

BS, Applied Leadership Online
Sara Leigh, Program Advisor