Non-Degree Seeking Students


Minnesota State University is proud to offer you the opportunity to take a class or two that will help you along your career path or provide you with training to enhance your existing skill set.

Undergraduate Classes

If you plan to take courses and do not need to earn a degree:

  • Apply for admission
    • No transcript is required, however you must be a high school graduate to take courses at the university.
    • Non-degree seeking does not qualify for financial aid and must be formally admitted to the University before being eligible to apply for aid or complete a degree.

Graduate Classes

  • Complete the online Application for Graduate Studies.
  • Please be advised that most non-degree seeking applicants are not eligible for federal financial aid programs
    • Take up to 12 credit before formal admission is required.
      • After the 12 credits are completed, to continue at Minnesota State University, Mankato a student will need to complete the application for admission.
      • Additional application requirements can be found by going to Graduate Studies page.

Still Unsure?

We're here to answer your questions and help brighten your future. Contact the Minnesota State Mankato College of University Extended Campus.