​WAC Master Classes

WAC Master Classes are special topics workshops for faculty who have completed the Writing Fellows Program. These workshops involve individualized, experiential learning.

Master Classes are facilitated by a specialist and involve five components, encapsulated by the acronym PLACE:

Preparation: Participants prepare for the workshop through readings, videos, material preparation, and/or other activities

Lecture: Participants engage in an interactive lecture led by a disciplinary expert

Application: Participants develop a classroom-based application based on the content taught

Consultation: Master Class participants have direct access to the program facilitator to receive advice and feedback on the classroom application

Evaluation: Participants evaluate the workshop experience and its impact on their teaching

Master Classes are offered yearly on timely writing-related instructional topics. Faculty who attend three Master Classes are awarded a Distinguished Writing Fellow award acknowledging their commitment to providing exemplary writing instruction at the university.

For information on upcoming Master Classes, contact WAC@mnsu.edu.