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Transfer Pathways enable you to earn a specific associate degree at a Minnesota State community college and then seamlessly transfer to Minnesota State University, Mankato to earn your bachelor’s degree. Transfer Pathways are specifically intended to ensure that your path is clear. It means all 60 of your credits from a Minnesota State community college count toward your related bachelor’s degree.

You must begin your education in a pathway at the community college and complete your degree in the pathway at the university.

After you finish your associate degree pathway and are admitted to Minnesota State Mankato, you will complete 60 credits to earn your four-year degree from Minnesota State Mankato. Remember: There are some decisions for which you will want guidance, so connect with an advisor right away as you begin your journey at Minnesota Statement Mankato.

Connecting with an advisor will help you:

  • Access the resources and services specific to your needs.
  • Ensure your eligibility by identifying any additional criteria for your program—such as specific GPA requirements.
  • Stay on track for graduation by making sure that you select 40 upper divisions elective credits, choose a minor if it’s required and meet all university-wide graduation requirements.

Degree requirements—and any eligibility criteria some programs have in addition to University admissions—are found on each program’s page on this website.

Art Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Art program is devoted to the development of concepts, attitudes and skills in the visual arts and provides professional training of artists in several specializations, scholars and art educators.

Biology Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Biology program builds a common background that leads to several specialized options and prepares students to go on to medical school, physical therapy, veterinary school or other science-based professional programs.

Business: Accounting Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Accounting program’s combination of mathematics and logic prepares students for a career in accounting, including becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who can work in taxation, auditing, forensic analysis and more.

Business Administration Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Bachelor of Business Administration provides a path to career advancement and leadership opportunities for those who have an associate degree in business from any two-year college. The program is set up to meet the needs of working adults and can be completed in two-and-a-half years.

Business: Finance Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Finance program allows students to select an area of emphasis and specialize in one or more of four areas. This program provides students with the financial skills and understanding necessary to secure entry-level positions in private industry and the public sector.

Business: International Business Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The International Business program trains and prepares students to compete in today’s increasingly interdependent global economy. It pairs well with business majors as well as fields such as computer science, political science, history, aviation management and more.

Business: Management Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Management program aims to develop the technical, analytical and conceptual skills for the future leaders of the private and public sectors. Students can focus on general management and/or human resource management.

Business: Marketing Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Marketing program advances students’ understanding and practice of marketing and international business and prepares students for positions in retail management, industrial sales, promotion, marketing research, or marketing management.

Chemistry Transfer Pathway

Future Students

By educating students about the properties of substances, the Chemistry program prepares students to work in a wide array of industries, from pharmaceuticals and health care to technology, agriculture and renewable energy.

Communication Studies Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Communication Studies program develops confidence and effectiveness in public speaking, interpersonal, and small group communication skills. It enhances career opportunities by developing interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, and public presentational skills.

Criminal Justice—Law Enforcement Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Criminal Justice—Law Enforcement program has an outstanding reputation for providing quality professional education that leads to law enforcement careers as police officers, conservation officers, federal agents, military officers, attorneys, policy analysts, crime analysts and more.

Economics Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Economics program provides students with the basic analytical tools to understand how markets and economies work and is an excellent path for students contemplating careers in business, government or nonprofits or who are preparing for law school and MBA programs.

Elementary Education Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Elementary Education program prepares elementary teacher candidates with the necessary skills, knowledge and dispositions to create socially just classrooms for all learners and helps them develop pedagogical knowledge and skills in elementary methods courses.

English Studies Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The English Studies program draws on coursework from a number of other English programs to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers, including education, publishing and editing, marketing, law and administration.

Exercise Science Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Exercise Science program prepares student for Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) or Personal Training Certification and for a career in exercise programming and supervision for individuals or groups across the lifespan.

History Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The History program teaches students to understand and interpret past human societies and to develop a better understanding of the current world situation. It prepares students to become global leaders and teachers.

Mass Media Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Mass Media program prepares students for careers as ethical and responsible public communicators, innovative creators of media and competent professionals in news, public relations and other media-related fields.

Mathematics Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Mathematics program offers students the quantitative and computational knowledge and communication skills essential for careers in industry and for the further study of applied mathematics.

Political Science Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Political Science program’s systematic study of polities, power relationships and government prepares students for a wide variety of careers in public and private sector organizations, including business, law, government, journalism and more.

Psychology Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Psychology program prepares students for a professional career as a psychologist or for jobs in which the understanding of human behavior is important.

Social Work Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Social Work program is committed to ethical and professional practice that enhances human well-being and supports justice for all members of society. It prepares graduates for generalist social work practice with individuals, families, organizations and communities.

Sociology Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Sociology program pursues, transmits and applies sociological knowledge in order to understand and transform the social world. This program leads to careers in academics, human services, government, business, nonprofits and social action organizations.

Spanish Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Spanish program teaches the difference of cultural environments and linguistic diversity and prepares students to continue studying Spanish or to use their skills in business, international relations, social work, law, government, education or health care.

Special Education: ABS Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Academic and Behavioral Strategist program prepares teachers to work with students with a variety of learning needs, from mild to moderate learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.

Theatre Arts Transfer Pathway

Future Students

The Theatre Arts program provides students with the highest caliber training in theatre and dance that will allow them to create performances of any kind at any level while offering a multi-faceted, high quality theatrical and dance experience to the southern Minnesota.