About Information Security

Data and access to it is increasingly ubiquitous, and expectations and needs for access to data has become a critical aspect of our University's strategic health and viability. As a University, we have a duty to our students and ourselves to diligently protect the “confidentiality,” “integrity,” “availability,” and “accountability” of the University and Student data. The Information Security Team is committed to addressing Information Security needs at the highest and lowest levels of the University.

Meet the Team

Chief Information Security Officer

Michael Menne is the Chief Information Security Officer at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Michael joined ITS in 2009 as a Systems Manager and recently became the Chief Information Security Officer in early 2016. He has been working to bring a more security-conscious mindset to campus. Michael has a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems and received his MBA with Minnesota State University, Mankato.  

Student Security Team

The student security team consists of three students who work primarily in Security Awareness, Incident Response, and Risk Management. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the team shares a similar passion for security and technology. 

Asset Management Team

The asset management student works hand in hand with the primary asset manager. These students are in charge of the secure disposal and redistribution of assets with storage (computers, tablets, and other devices). Additionally, he or she tracks and maintains assets on campus.