Cybersecurity Media and Videos

Watch helpful videos, webinars, and podcast episodes to learn more about the cybersecurity basics. Download fun #BeCyberAware Zoom backgrounds, phone lock screens, and more to help spread the word about cybersecurity awareness!

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Zoom Backgrounds

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CyberAware_ZoomBackground_1_2021.png  CyberAware_ZoomBackground_2_2021.jpg   CybersecurityAwarenessMonth_ZoomBackground_3.png    

Smart Phone Lock Screens

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Photo of phone, glitch effect, BeCyberAware graphic, lock screen graphic, text "unhackable" computer screen graphic, glitch effect, text " my passwords are better than yours", BeCyberAware graphic Photo of phone, glitch effect, BeCyberAware graphic, lock screen graphic, text "unhackable"

Digital Displays

Campus communicators, use these slides on your digital screens across campus!

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LOWRES_CyberAware_DigitalDisplay_1_2021.jpg    LOWRES_CyberAware_DigitalDisplay_2_2021.jpg    LOWRES_CyberAware_DigitalDisplay_3_2021.jpg    

Video Content

Check out all our cybersecurity video content, from podcasts, to webinars, to video shorts, and more.


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Experts Webinar


Industry experts answer your questions!

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Grayscale cut-out images of the cast of the CyberAware Podcast with Nathan, Ham, and Mercy posing with their arms folded. Purple background with numbers. The Minnesota State University, Mankato IT Solutions logo with torch icon. Gold fingerprint icon and text that says: "CyberAware Podcast"

A collection of 20+ cybersecurity episodes.

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Four P's Series


What not to do when it comes to security basics!

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