About IT Solutions

IT Solutions positions Minnesota State University, Mankato as a leading institution in student outcomes, teaching, research, and service. We achieve this by building partnerships with our campus community, providing knowledgeable, high-quality and courteous services, and offering evidence-based, customer-focused, and innovative solutions to advance the university’s strategic goals.

Meet Our CIO

Mark Johnson CIO

Mark Johnson, Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Our main office is located at:

3010 Memorial Library
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: 507.389.6651

IT Solutions is Minnesota State University, Mankato’s champion of technology. We provide innovative and transformative technology-based solutions for teaching, learning, research and administration.

To be a global leader in higher education information technology best known for our innovation, client-focus and inclusive, solutions-based approach.

As agents of change, we will lead the university, our field and the greater community with technological innovation, excellence in service, superiority in instructional design and unsurpassed availability of information resources.

  1. Accountability

    • ApproachabilityIntegrityInnovationwe take responsibility
  2. Approachability

    • we care, listen & connect with others
  3. Integrity

    • we are honest
  4. Innovation

    • we are forward thinking
  1. Student Success

    • Ensure all students succeed by providing and enhancing essential tools and resources to students, faculty and staff.
  2. Innovation & Partnerships

    • Be a trusted and strategic partner who drives innovation with the entire campus, the community, the system office and our sister institutions.
  3. Diversity & Inclusion

    • Foster a diverse and inclusive community of IT staff and student workers who together, add value and gain valuable experience learning
  4. Operational Excellence

    • Effectively and efficiently sustain the IT infrastructure while driving innovation, fiscal responsibility, governance and organizational
  1. Teaching and learning

    • We advance teaching and learning by engaging campus partners, leading and supporting relevant and effective services, instructional design and system design.
  2. Consulting & Communication

    • We serve as key innovators and consultants partnering to drive digital transformation across the University. We manage and lead tools for communication and are committed to raising awareness and informing our community on the technology resources they have.
  3. Information & Cybersecurity

    • We protect technology and information assets with services and solutions to identify, assess, and manage risk through researching trends and proactively, educating campus constituents and the community.
  4. Networking

    • We maintain and enhance technology infrastructure (including facilities, hardware, networks and software) to ensure the institution has uninterrupted, reliable and flexible technology.
  5. Development

    • We drive new and existing solutions by developing, designing, enhancing and supporting applications, custom solutions and the University website.
  6. Service & Support

    • We provide responsive and knowledgeable support and service to all University students, faculty and staff. From user device support to strategizing and designing a new application, we continually focus and enhance how we support and serve our community.

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IT Solutions Staff

We are proud to provide cutting edge solutions to continually support and enhance innovative teaching and learning opportunities across campus and beyond.

Locations, Centers and Labs

IT Solutions operates and helps manage several labs, centers and focus areas across campus to provide and support innovative and advanced teaching and learning.

Student Employment

If you would like an email notification when IT Solutions posts Student Employment opportunities submit your information here and we will send a notification when openings occur.

Solutions Architects

Meet our team of Solutions Architects. Solutions Architects represent and wok directly with your college or department to help innovate and bring your technology-based ideas to life.

Student Technology Fee Committee

The Student Tech Fee Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the college or university president regarding expenditure of revenues received from the technology fee and is comprised of mostly students as well as various faculty and staff reperesentatives.

Technology Roundtable

The Technology Roundtable facilitates communication and coordination on technology issues across the University.