Open Educational Resources

Textbooks spiraling down to a black hole

Concerned About Textbook Affordability? So Are We!

Open Educational Resources (OER) are high quality and low or no cost materials that can be used:

  • To reduce textbook costs for students,
  • As a subject of research on teaching and learning,
  • For professional development, peer review opportunities, authoring, and more.
  • Check out our Textbook Affordablity Starter Kit

Textbook Affordability Quick Facts

What Are Open Educational Resources?

OER are media that can be used for teaching and learning and are:

  • accessible
  • open or flexibly licensed, e.g. Creative Commons Licenses
  • low or no-cost
  • many include free and/or open-source software.

Textbook affordability Open Course

This course is an introduction to textbook affordability, open educational resources, and other open practices that impact equity in our classrooms.

  • While it is geared towards higher education faculty, the concepts and practices covered here can be used in any teaching and learning scenario. This course will explore concepts tied to the one cost factor teachers can control - course materials - and relate that directly to increasing equitable practice in the classroom.

You can find links to course cartridges that you can import into your learning management system and the facilitator's guide below: 

Find Open Educational Resources for Your Class

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OASIS oer search engine

What are my options for publishing my own OER at Mnnesota State, Mankato?


The Minnesota State University, Mankato Memorial Library offers an open-access publishing platform for a multitude of resources called Cornerstone.


Interested in getting your novel, dissertation, poetry collection, or children’s book into ebook and print-ready formats? Pressbooks is:

  • easy-to-use
  • online tool
  • create professional-quality versions of your book
  • ePUB, MOBI, PDF, and more formats.

Direct link to video playlist: Textbook Affordability and OER

What are some options for reducing textbook costs?

Here are a few ideas!

  • Talk to a representative from our bookstore to see what options they offer such as the Maverick Textbook Reserve.
  • Work with your subject librarian to place the textbook on reserve, search for an ebook version of the text, or find alternatives.  Learn more about Library Resources for Textbook Affordability.
  • Talk to a librarian at the Blue Earth County Public Library to see if your literature or other required readings could be made more widely available for check out
  • Check to see if an earlier edition of the textbook could be used rather than the latest edition
  • Ask yourself if the textbook is really necessary or if you cover it all with lectures and other reading

How can I use OER in my classroom?

Browse these documents for ideas to use OER in your course:

Even more resources on Open Pedagogy from our MavLEARN website:

Open Pedagogy

Open pedagogy is a practice that encourages students to improve or create course content.

10 Strategies for Engaging Learners with Open Educational Resources

This document outlines 10 strategies for engaging learners with Open Educational Resources (OER).

10 Strategies for Engaging Learners with Open Pedagogy

This document outlines ten strategies for engaging learners with Open Pedagogy. Open pedagogy is a practice that encourages students to improve or create course content.