Mission Vision & Values


Student Activities, a department of the Centennial Student Union, seeks to be the center for the co-curricular experience at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Student Activities promotes programs creating civic engagement, leadership and student development opportunities.

In fulfilling this mission we promote:

  • Ideas that encourage active discussion, personal exploration, and intentional learning
  • Opportunities for experiential learning and reflection
  • Diverse and creative programming that will enhance the collegiate experience
  • Collaboration with University departments and local and global communities
  • Student and leadership development that embraces differences

Core Values We Celebrate:

  • Learning - We complement and enhance the curricular experience creating partnerships for discovery. We promote lifelong learning.
  • Service - We are dedicated to serving students and the greater community. We provide excellent customer service, leadership resources and diverse programming opportunities.
  • Advocacy - We serve as student advocates committed to civic engagement and social justice.
  • Life/Work Balance - We promote wellness in our activities and events.
  • Ethical Decision Making - We believe in honesty, transparency, and integrity.
  • Stewardship - We promote thoughtful and responsible use of resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Community - We build a supportive and inclusive campus community where everyone is welcome, valued and respected. We honor a campus where tradition and change are shared and celebrated.