Student Activities Prize Procotol


4 Weeks Out

3 Weeks

  • Plan out the shopping list and where you will go to shop. If items are purchased on Amazon, plan ahead to ensure that your prizes will arrive on time. 

    • All baskets – Must be a separate transaction and have their own receipt.  
    • All prizes must be purchased in within 4 days of the first purchase 
    • Put things in your cart until ready or keep a list. 
    • Utilize the target tax free online shopping for in store pick-up. See Prize Procotol in Office

    2 Weeks

    • Once all prizes have been purchased, make a copy of the receipts, and use a pencil to the prizes on the COPIES by game and round (if necessary). 
    • Fill out the Prize Spreadsheet prior to event
    • Label your approved prize sheet with round/game and total amount from receipt
    • Store prizes in cottage and label them for their round/game. Please put in grey bins on wall.

    Week Of

    • Make sure you train someone on signing for prizes
    • Don't forget to "present" you prizes with stands or other items


    CLUE / Golf Mystery Event – Jeanne Meeks ~ Fiction Author


    Table of Prizes - A Birthday Party Game - Celebrate Every Day With Me

    Night Of Event

    • Instruct prize person on what to do
    • Return unclaimed or online won prizes to cottage
    • Put documentation in advisors bin

    After Event

    • If prizes need to be picked up at front desk, please label prizes in cottage (in the bins) and notify for the front desk.
    • Send out emails to winners notifying them when to pick up their items.