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What to Expect from Mav Central

  • Up-to-date information about 200+ Recognized Student Organizations
  • Details for events happening on campus
  • Your involvement history: RSO membership, event attendance, service hours
  • RSO forms
  • Leadership development and service opportunities
  • ...and so much more!

Student leaders in RSOs can manage your student organization's roster, documents, officer transitions, events, and more!

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MAV Central is Here!

The Student Activities office has migrated from Involve U to Mav Central.

All RSOs that were active in spring 2023 have a page created on Mav Central. The RSO's name, mission, email address, and most recent constitution that was available in Involve U is the basis for the page in Mav Central. Re-Registration is open now and due Monday, Oct. 2 at 8 a.m. 

RSO Re-Registration Videos

Helpful Overview Videos

Managing Your RSO Page

Event Planning

Helpful Tools

Steps to Migration & Status Updates

  • Customize Mav Central Homepage (completed 6/27)
  • Upload Groups
    • RSO name, mission, email (completed 6/27)
    • Most recent constitution, if available (completed 7/14)
  • Create RSO Forms (completed 7/11)
  • Create Event Approval Process (completed 7/17)
  • Create Fraternity & Sorority Life Event Approval (in process)
  • Enable Single Sign On (completed)
  • Upload Users (completed 8/30)
  • Upload Current RSO Officers & Members (completed 8/4)
    • Rosters from Involve U will be imported. Anyone not able to access their page after this step is marked complete can contact for assistance.
    • At this point, student leaders can start customizing their pages by uploading relevant documents, adding a cover photo, adjust your roster, and more!
  • Create User Onboarding (completed 7/31)
  • Create RSO Annual Re-Registration (launched 8/11)
  • Create New RSO Registration (launched on 8/21)
  • Create Service Hours Process (completed)
  • Enable Tracks and Checklists Module (completed 8/10)
  • Create and Track Emails & Newsletters (completed)
  • Create Mav Central How to Videos (in process)