CSU Technical Policies

CSU Procedures and Policies

The Centennial Student Union Technical Services Department provides technical event support to clients who require advanced technological needs for weddings, meetings, conferences, live entertainment and performances. Our professional student staff is capable of providing clients with the latest technology in audio, visual and lighting equipment.

Requesting Technical Services

All CSU Technical Services requests must go through the University Scheduling and Conference Services Department. Once the proper reservation requests and paperwork has been filled out the client is required to meet with the Technical Coordinator of the Centennial Student Union, contact csu.technicalservices@mnsu.edu, at least two weeks prior to the event to discuss all technical audio/visual event needs. All technical services and equipment must be confirmed seven days prior to the event, or services will be provided per the Technical Coordinator’s discretion.

Technical Services staff is required to be in attendance of an event when more than two microphones and built-in media are requested in the Ballroom and Ostrander Auditorium. Technical support in other locations is provided per the Technical Coordinators discretion or as requested.

Minimum Charges and Billing

After the client’s event the Technical Services charges will be adjusted according to actual equipment usage, setup/teardown labor, staff in attendance labor, and advanced programming labor. An invoice will be sent out through University Scheduling and Conference Services.

Technical Services must enforce a minimum billing charge to cover administrative costs. The minimum charge is dependent upon the client’s billing category. The minimum charge for labor involving the setup and teardown of equipment is one hour (please see fees tables for billing categories).

Events Outside the Student Union

Events outside the Centennial Student Union that require Technical Services support are subject to labor and transportation charges.


Technical Services equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. Equipment that is not available in the department inventory may be rented from an outside vendor with all costs billed to the client. Technical Services equipment is to only be operated by Technical Services staff. Non-Technical Services staff may be given permission to operate equipment per Technical Coordinator’s discretion. Technical Services is not liable for the malfunction of client’s personal equipment. The client will be billed for the cost of replacement or repair for any equipment that is lost, stolen, broken or misused while under the client’s supervision.


Technical Services is not responsible for media and the content of media. All media needed for events must be provided by the client no later than the client room access time. Media must be provided via an acceptable format: CD, DVD, USB Drive, MP3 devices or Laptop. Technical Services will not play content from mobile phones.

Student Union Ballroom WATCHOUT Multi-Display Software

WATCHOUT is multi-display software that lets you orchestrate photos, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds across multiple display areas. WATCHOUT is only available for use in the CSU Ballroom. All content for WATCHOUT productions must be provided to Technical Services two weeks prior to event date. This allows adequate production and testing time. *Production fees apply, please see production labor fees table.

Lighting, Audio and Video Cues

CSU Technical Services will not perform any lighting, audio or video cues for an event without having a rehearsal or walkthrough prior to the event.

Client Access to Technical Services A/V Booths

For the safety of our clients and our equipment we prohibit clients from entering the Technical Services A/V booths without the permission and accompaniment of a Technical Services technician.

Intellectual Property

Copyright is a type of intellectual property. Like physical property, it cannot usually be used without the owner's permission. Recognized Student Organizations, University Departments, and the General Public are responsible for intellectual property compliance.

Intellectual Property Information

Tips for a Successful Event

  • Provide as much information as possible about the event. Who, what, when, where, how.
  • Provide presentations and media at least seven days before the event for proper testing.
  • Schedule a rehearsal for larger events that require lighting, sound, and media playback cues. (Rehearsal fees apply)
  • Provide an event schedule and timeline.
  • For events involving musical performances please provide performers technical needs (e.g. input list, stage plot).
  • Routine maintenance is essential on personal computers. Please make sure your computer is updated prior to event. Technical Services is not liable for improper functioning personal computers.
  • Keep in close contact with Technical Coordinator about any changes in the event.
  • Last minute equipment and technical needs may not be able to be facilitated, plan ahead.