Welcome Week 2024: Thursday, August 22 through Sunday, August 25

#MAVFAM. That little hashtag speaks volumes. For our newest Mavericks, #MAVFAM points to your new Maverick Family and your forever association with 125,000+ fellow students and former students who share a common bond with Minnesota State Mankato. Beyond the obvious, it is a marker for Maverick pride, achievement, friendships, personal growth, and unforgettable experiences that you will share, cherish and remember for the rest of your life. During Welcome Week you'll walk through the college arch, marking a symbolic rite of passage as you officially become a Maverick. You now stand at the threshold of your future. College is a time for personal discovery, building confidence, gaining lifelong friendships and shaping career opportunities. The success of that college experience is usually shaped within the first six weeks of school. Welcome Week is that concentrated dose of friendship-building and campus activities needed to kickstart your college journey. We are excited you are here. We are devoting our summer to creating memorable moments as you begin your journey at Minnesota State Mankato. Know that, now and forever, you are a Maverick. You are part of#mavfam.

Thursday, August 22

Get settled into your new home and start shaping Maverick Moments with first day's activity offering Club Maverick, free bowling and billiards, and night-time karaoke, soccer or kickball. Check out the full schedule.

Friday, August 23

Friday celebrates two Welcome Week traditions as students gather for the New Student Rally and later process through the Alumni Arch marking their official arrival as the newest Mavericks. It's just part of the second day of activities.

Saturday, August 24

Evening events features Galactic Bingo--the biggest event of the weekend offering thousands of dollars in prizes. The day includes the annual co-ed Volleyball Tournament for residence hall bragging rights. See what else is planned.

Sunday, August 25

Continue meeting fellow Mavericks as you navigate campus before classes begin. Bring your class schedule and take a guided Find Your Class tour. The evening offers photos with friends, therapy dogs and an outdoor movie to top off the weekend before classes start.

SIGNATURE EVENT! New Student Rally

The New Student Rally and passing through The Arch are two traditions associated with Friday of Welcome Week that mark the arrival of new students into the Maverick Family.


For years, Choose-A-Palooza has been a major Friday afternoon event during Welcome Week where students earn an opportunity for great prizes by visiting and learning about campus offices. It's like a big scavenger hunt. It's back this year, but in a slightly different format.


The biggest annual event during Welcome Week is Galactic Bingo. Hundreds of students participate for thousands of dollars in prizes including a $500 apartment makeover.

SIGNATURE EVENT! Find Your Class Tours

An important part of the final day of Welcome Week is a series of Find Your Class tours. Just bring your class schedule and join a tour to learn where your classrooms are located.