Tobacco Free Advocate Implementation Guide

One of the frequently asked questions is how the Tobacco policy will be enforced. We believe it is the shared responsibility of all university students, employees and visitors not only to comply with this policy, but also to encourage others to comply with the policy in order to promote a safe, clean and healthy environment. Civility and respect are expected by all members of the university community in regard to this policy.

Your Role

Research shows us that compliance is best when by all members of the campus community share the responsibility for communication. Anyone who observes a possible violation may courteously and compassionately inform the individual of the Tobacco Free campus policy. Your role is to:

  1. Communicate the policy courteously and non-confrontationally to faculty, staff, students, and visitors in your college/department.

  2. Connect faculty, staff, and students with appropriate resources, including cessation resources as listed on our website.

  3. Address matters of repeated violations of this policy just as you would violations of other policies. Managers/supervisors should hold employees accountable, and address matters of repeated violations. Contact your college or administrative unit’s HR Professional for consultation if needed. It is important that we are assessing the impact of the repeated violation in relation to the University’s values and expectations.

Advocate Guide