Group Counseling Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about group counseling:



What is group counseling?

Group counseling is a great option for students who want to get to know themselves better and to improve their relationships. Although some students are initially hesitant about group, participants consistently find group to be helpfuland return the next semester for another group! In fact, research shows that group counseling is most effective for many college student concerns and is the most frequently recommended service at the Counseling Center. In group counseling, facilitators meet with a group of 4-8 students once per week for about an hour and a half.




How does group counseling work?

Group provides a safe environment for participants to develop new skills and connect with others. Group members and facilitators offer each other support and validation, and provide feedback about how they perceive you to help you identify any problematic interpersonal relationship patterns. Group members can then take this feedback, determine new ways of interacting with others, and try out these new behaviors in the group setting. As a fellow group member, you will be instrumental in helping others do the same. The most beneficial aspect of group counseling is that it can help someone feel less isolated in their problems; members learn from hearing how others deal with similar concerns.

Is there a cost for group?

All services at the Counseling Center, including group counseling, are offered at no additional cost to students



Can I only participate in group, or can I also participate in individual counseling, or other services?

Many of the services at the Counseling Center do not have session limits you may attend several throughout the academic year. These services include our single-session seminars, Wellness Workshops, and Group Counseling. However, your counselor will always prioritize the right services that address your individualized needs. Again, research shows that group counseling is most effective for certain concerns, soyour counselor may recommend that you participate only in group. However, everyone’s wellness needs and goals are different, and therefore you may be recommended to participate in both group and short-term individual counseling. You may also participate in group counseling at the Counseling Center while you are seeing a community provider. If you do participate in both, you will benefit the most from establishing separate goals for individual and group counseling.


Is what I say in group kept confidential?

The group facilitators are bound by law to maintain confidentiality, except under some special circumstances. All group participants sign an agreement that they will also protect the confidentiality of their fellow group members. Group facilitators take time to emphasize the importance of this in group. Further, you will always be in control of what you choose to share with the group.


What if another member of the group is someone I know?

Please let group facilitators know immediately if you have an existing relationship or conflict of interest with someone else in the group. If this happens, we will work together to decide how best to resolve the situation. It may work out that both of you stay in the group or one participant may find another group to join. We will do our best to find an option that matches everyone’s needs and schedules.
What types of groups do you offer? Please visit our Group Counseling page for descriptions of our group offerings, and for our current group schedule
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