Counseling Center Stepped Care Model

In order to use resources most effectively and address the wellness of Minnesota State Mankato students, the Counseling Center has implemented the Stepped Care Model (Adapted from Stepped Care 2.0 and the Center for Counseling and Wellness at Calvin College).

The Stepped Care Model is a multi-tier system of programs that seeks to meet students where they are in the change process, while promoting autonomy and empowerment. The most effective yet least-resource intensive intervention is offered first; care is stepped up to the next level based on evidence of required need.

The goals of the Stepped Care Model at the Counseling Center include:

  • to provide timely access to mental health care and education
  • to create customized Care Plans in response to the unique and specific needs of each individual student
  • to use a strengths-based approach to support client autonomy
  • to connect students to a range of wellness and academic services and supports, both inside the Counseling Center and across the Minnesota State Mankato campus
  • to introduce students to resources, including online screenings and websites, wellness-based apps, and self-help materials
  • to increase utilization of group counseling and psychoeducational workshops · to increase utilization of short-term services
  • to provide referrals to community providers

The following is a list of services that may be included in your individualized Care Plan:

View the steps on our model here.