Renovated rooms are air-conditioned and share a community bathroom with the floor. Each floor is single-gender with a study lounge and kitchen on the floor. Most rooms are double rooms, however there are limited quantities of singles & triples.



Each floor is single gender.  Renovated rooms are located in:

  • Crawford A, B, & D Halls

  • McElroy E, F, & H Halls

  • Preska I Hall

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Rooms include one set of furniture for each resident.  Furnishings include:

  • Dresser (with lockable drawer).

  • Desk (with lockable drawer).

  • Desk Chair that can be turned into gaming chair.

  • Adjustable loft bed with Twin XL 80" mattress (mattress has a soft side and a firm side).

  • Towel Bar or Hook near the sink.

Safety & Security

  • Room doors have a peephole to view who's at the door before answering.

  • Community bathrooms are locked 24/7 and are only accessible to residents living on the floor.

  • Only students living in that particular residence hall have access to enter the hall.

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  • Sink and medicine cabinet in each room.

  • Window blinds.

  • Wired and wireless high-speed internet.

  • Cable access to over 90 channels.  Residents can also stream live TV through Stream2.



  • Free laundry in community laundry room.

  • Access to ice machine in each community.

  • MavPRINT station in each community.

  • Front Desk services available from 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. every day of the week.

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Community Bathroom

Renovated rooms share a community bathroom with the floor (except for Renovated Full-Bath Suites as they have a private bathroom within their suite).

  • Students use their room key to access the community bathroom, as it is locked 24/7.

  • Community bathrooms are to be used by men-only or women-only (based on the gender of the floor). Guests of the opposite gender may use public restrooms in the lobby of the residence community.

  • Each community bathroom has 4-5 private shower areas, 4-5 private bathroom stalls, sinks, and electric hand dryers.  View link below for pictures of a community bathroom.

Community Bathroom

Renovated Single Room

One student lives in a Renovated Single room, with one set of furniture. There is a limited supply of single rooms.

Renovated Economy Single Room

One student lives in a cozy Renovated Economy Single room. Instead of a traditional closet, this room type features a wardrobe. There is a limited supply of this room type.

Renovated Double Room

Two students live in Renovated Double rooms.

Renovated Triple Room

Three students live in Renovated Triple rooms. The room is slightly larger than a double room and has three sets of furniture. There is very limited supply of this room type.

Renovated Full-Bath Suite

Three students live in Renovated Full-Bath Suites. Two students share a double bedroom and one student has a slightly smaller, single room. A private bathroom is shared by all three residents. There is a limited supply of this room type.