Renovated Room Features

Location for 24-25

  • Crawford A, B, and D Halls (single gender floors)
  • McElroy E, F, G, and H Halls (G Hall is co-ed with separate male and female bathrooms, all other halls have single gender floors)
  • Preska I Hall (single gender floors)

Residential Life Map


All rooms come with one set of furniture per student.

Furnishings included:

  • Dresser (with lockable drawer -  bring your own padlock).
  • Desk (with lockable drawer - bring your own padlock).
  • Desk chair that can be turned into a gaming chair.
  • Adjustable loft bed with Twin XL 80" mattress (mattress has a soft side and firm side).
  • Shared closet space.
  • Towel bar or hook near sink.
  • Medicine cabinet.
  • Sink in each room.
  • Window covering.

Safety & Security

  • Room doors have a peephole to view who's at the door.
  • Community bathrooms are locked 24/7 and are only accessible to residents living on the floor.
  • Only students living in the hall have access to enter.



  • Free laundry in community laundry room.
  • Access to ice machine and water bottle filler in each community.
  • Purified water dispenser in each floor kitchen.
  • MavPRINT Station in each community.
  • Front Desk is open everyday from 8 a.m. - 3 a.m.


  • Renovated rooms share a community bathroom with other residents on the same floor (except for Full-Bath Suites as they have a private bathroom in their suite).
  • Students use their room key to access the community bathroom as it is locked 24/7.
  • Community bathrooms are to be used by men-only or women-only (based on the gender of the floor).
  • Guests of the opposite gender may use public restrooms located in the lobby of the residence community.
  • Each community bathroom has 5 private shower areas, 5 private bathroom stalls, sinks, and electric hand dryers.