Communicating with Pride

This website is the official documentation of the University's brand standards. It is not a tedious manual, but a short, streamlined set of standards that focuses on the key elements of how to project the Minnesota State Mankato brand.

Why have brand standards?

Proper and consistent use of brand standards makes your communication immediately recognizable as Minnesota State University, Mankato. That’s important for many reasons, including:

  • Adding credibility to your message.
  • Quickly catching your viewers’ attention.
  • Creating a professional look.
  • Delivering a recognizable and reliable brand.
  • Raise the value of the University’s brand, which helps enhance the recruitment, retention, philanthropic and engagement efforts of the University.

When are brand standards required?

These brand standards apply any time you are representing Minnesota State University, Mankato or any part of the University in any way and through any channel. There is no difference between internal and external marketing/communication; all must follow the same brand standards to maintain a consistent and unified expression of the brand.

  • all publications
    including flyers, posters and other marketing materials produced within the University
  • all websites
  • all social media channels
  • all videos
  • all apparel
  • all merchandise

What Meets Brand Standards?

To help bring clarity to this question, we have developed "The Bare Minimum" guidelines. If your communication meets all of these criteria, you can assume your piece meets graphic standards.

The Bare Minimum

Working with Outside Vendors

University Creative Production is the source for printed materials, branded merchandise, apparel and employee work shirts. If you would like to request a waiver to not work directly with University Creative Production you will need to submit this request form to Associate Vice President Jeff Harris for review and approval.

Questions About Graphic Standards

If you have any questions about these standards, please contact the Graphics Team in Creative Production 507-389-1181.