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  • New picture added to the Art Gallery of Stuttering with drawings about stuttering by lots of kids and teens who stutter.


  • Audio of Gary Rentschler added to 2011 panel on Voices: Past and Present

  • Audio from a 2011 panel at the ASHA Convention, San Diego, which included Judy Kuster (moderator) and panelists Mark Allen, Kristin Chmela, Kevin Eldridge, Joseph Klein, Scott Palasik, David Shapiro, and Dale Williams, added to Voices: Past and Present

  • James Frick's ASHA presentation from 1957 added to Voices: Past and Present

  • Latest edition of the over 649 page book by John Harrision Redefining Stuttering: What TheStruggle To Speak Is Really All About.

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  • Added several new posts from kids about Teasing - ways they've been teased, how it feels, and what they do or say when they get teased

  • Added the Polish word for stuttering to Words for Stuttering from Around the World

  • Light from Many Sources by Frederick P. Murray, keynote address, ISA conference, Argentina, 2/28/2011, relates a lot of history about stuttering.

  • Latest French edition of the over 700 page book by John Harrision Redéfinir Le Bégaiement: La vraie nature du Combat pour s'exprimer

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  • ISAD2011 Online Conference - Sharing Stories - Changing Perceptions is linked here starting October 1, 2011


  • Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale Test

  • Tribute to J. David Williams from John Macdonald.

  • Two responses from kids about How Teased

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  • DVDs are now available from the NSA convention in Fort Worth (as well as from several past NSA conferences). Check The Stuttering Home Page (, under "NSA Conference DVDs" in the Index for information on ordering the DVDs.

  • Group Therapy - handout from workshop "Support/Therapy Group Interaction with Adults Who Stutter: A Participatory Demonstration of a Dynamic and Fun Model" by Ken St. Louis, Timothy Flynn, and Megan Hutson, at the NSA 2011 conference in Fort Worth, Texas (many excellent ideas!).

  • Two submissions to On The Lighter Side from Dhruva Kathuria

  • Speaking out: Telling their stories helps people who stutter lessen isolation by Suzanne Wilson, staff writer for, with permission of Noah Hoffenberg, web editor/business editor, Daily Hampshire Gazette

  • Trey tells How it feels to be teased about stuttering

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  • Two more songs added to Songs about Stuttering

  • Experience with the Edinburgh Masker

  • Remembering Ann Dewar added to The Pioneers

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  • A Story from India by Sachin Srivastava added to Creative Expression

  • Bingo Ice Breaker added to Therapy Materials

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  • New tribute added to Remembering Scatman John Larkin

  • New tribute added to Things Remembered - Joseph Sheehan

  • "Still Bill" added to Movies that portray people who stutter

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  • Strategy Training for Controlled Speech Habits added to therapy materials

  • Tribute to J. David Williams by Phyllis Wit

  • Four new posts from kids About Being Teased

  • Alice Westbrook Mulford added to Remembering the Contributions of Those Who Have Passed On.

  • The lyrics to Billy Joel's Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) added to Songs about stuttering

  • Kiswahili and Slovenian words for stuttering added to Words for Stuttering from around the world

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  • Several links to Covert Stuttering organized and added.

  • 48 minute keynote speech by Alan Rabinowitz added to NSA Conference Vidoes

  • Tribute to J. David Williams from Frederick P. Murphy

  • New post from a 12 year old on How I answer when I get teased

  • New post from a 12 year old on How it feels to be teased

  • Added several resources about Covert Stuttering.

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  • Online Resources on Cluttering: The Other Fluency Disorder

  • J. David Williams added to In Remembrance.

  • Applying to College: Including Stuttering in your Essays and personal Statements tips for students who stutter by Vivian Sisskin.

  • Four tributes added to J. David Williams In Remembrance page

  • Three new films added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • "Handling cluttering" message from a person who clutters added to Suggestions for treating cluttering

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